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Beef Review
By Greg

During my recent vacation, I stumbled into a town commonly known as Vegas. Since I had never beHoly Cow  Beer Brewery and Casinoen there before, I had no idea what I would find. I had heard stories. I had even rented
Showgirls before. Still, I never expected to find something as grand and wondrous, in all of Vegas' splendor, as the Holy Cow Brewery and Casino on the infamous strip just across from the Sahara.

Oh Mama - did you see those udders?The cows on the roof and walls had my attention, and even made my mouth water a little. I was skeptical however. I had just arrived in Vegas and didn't have a completely open mind. The Holy Cow could be a red neck, rattlesnake boot wearin' hangout with Conway Twitty tunes blaring from the speakers. The 4 hour drive from Riverside, CA. had made me hungry and tired, and since I was staying across the street at the Sahara, I was compelled to give it a chance and decided to have a late lunch and brew.

As I walked out of the bright desert sun and into the Holy Cow, I was blinded by the darkness inside. At first all I could sees were the flashing lights of hundreds of slot machines inside the casino. I've never been a gambling man and I was hungry, so I sought the cafe. Misunderstanding a sign, I wandered into the brewery upstairs. I was surprised it was a real brewery. There were bags of malt, barley, etc. laying on the floor. I was impressed.

Beer keggin' cow!Eventually, I made my way to the cafe. They had a little trouble seating me because it seems I was the only non-smoker in Vegas. There was only a slight delay, and soon I was seated and perusing the menu. Angylina, our fine, lovely server greeted us almost immediately and took our drink orders. I selected one of the seasonal brewmaster's specials -- Pumpkin Ale. It was very good. It tasted like pumpkin pie in a glass. I wish I could buy some locally. It would make a great Thanksgiving treat.

Menu Prices ranged from $5.95 for 1/2 pound burgers to $12.95 for a 12oz. T-bone. I decided to go the corned beef route. I ordered a Reuben for $6.95 with fries. It took longer than it probably should have. While I waited, I took some time to take in the joint.

In the middle of the casino was a giant bar with seating on 4 sides. Above the bar there were cut outs of cows brewing and enjoying beer. A beer drinking dancing cow!I really got a kick out of them, especially this one to the left. For some reason beer and cows just seem to go together. The mug this cow is drinking out of reminded me of our BB & B logo, except our beer is much larger in proportion to the cow.

When my sandwich arrived, it was a fully stacked Reuben. The corned beef was lean and tasty. (I don't know who invented corned beef, but I'm guessing it was someone trying to create a ham substitute, but they got better than ham results.) This wasn't the best Reuben I've ever had, but it ranked near the top. The massive size bumped up its ranking a little.

I don't usually rate fries, but these were pretty good. I usually prefer fresh cut fries,Cow Lights above the booths but these were lightly coated, crispy and suprisingly tasty. They were the perfect side dish.

Angylina was an efficient, friendly waitress. She was pleasing to the eye, and had a great smile. At least one Johnny Bravo "Oh Mama!" was heard in the vicinity of our table.

The service, food and especially the atmosphere combined to make this a highly enjoyable visit. If I lived in Vegas, this might be a regular hangout for me. If ever get back to Vegas, I will make it a point to get back the Holy Cow. If you ever get to Vegas, be sure to check it out yourself.

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: $10.00 a head with a 16oz. beer.

Availability:  Only in Vegas baby!

Address: North end of the the Vegas Strip.
                Across from the Sahara.
                Las Vegas, Nevada



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