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Frequently Asked Questions

Beer makes people ask a lot of questions.
Here are the most frequently asked. 

What is a Jumbotron?

See our Jumbotron FAQ.

What does "&nbsp" mean?

Unfortunately some mail programs don't like it when I send pages in HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), especially AOL. The result is a bunch of "&nbsp" all over the e-mail. "&nbsp" means Non-Breaking SPace in HTML.  It is a standard in all versions of HTML.

Please describe the safety rules for bumper bowling at a public bowling alley?

  1. Only one person on the approach at one time. All others stay in their seats.
  2. Pick up ball from the rack after it goes past the ball wheel to avoid pinched fingers.
  3. Do not go over the foul line.
  4. Do not stand or sit on bumpers/rails.
  5. Always be sure rack is all the way up before throwing the ball. Adults only to use the reset button to avoid hit sweeps.
  6. Do not walk on furniture and no running in the bowling center.
  7. If balls get stuck in pit or middle of lane only the management is to retrieve the ball.
  8. Absolutely no food or drink in bowlers area by scoretables.
  9. When you are finished with your game/s, no additional bowling. Remove shoes and go the the party area. 

What is this all about?

Do you have any free stuff? -- Not yet, stay tuned!

What's up?

The opposite of down. The relative position opposite that of the feet in space. To rise on an incline. To go away from the earth towards the atmosphere.

Can I get beer here? 

What do you hope to accomplish? 

What's the fastest land animal? 

Why aren't whales fish? 

Have you ever flown a plane? 

Can I have another beer? 

What's your favorite color? 

Do you have a girlfriend? OR Are you married?
If so, how does she put up with you? 

How do I get to the turnpike from the information superhigway? 

Why is the cold always on the right? 

Did I tip you already? 

Where's the bathroom? My friend Tim doesn't feel so well.

Why won't you add my question to your list? 


Please send your question for our list!
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