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Beer Review
By Greg

Tommy Knocker Jack WhackerLast weekend I had the pleasure of tasting a local brew called Walleye Wheat. Ever since then I've had the taste for an unfiltered wheat beer with a touch of lemon. I found wht I was looking for in a bottle of Jack Whacker Wheat Ale by Tommy Knocker Brewery.

Before all you perverts get excited, let me tell you about the Jack Whacker and Tommy Knocker names. From the bottle:

TommyKnockers were mischievous elves who slipped into mining camps with the Cornish miners in the 1800's. The Jack Whacker's role was to whip the last mule to keep the supply train moving along.

See. Nothing perverted there, unless Cornish miners are like Cornish hens. In that case, you've got a really sick mind.

Jack Whacker beer, if stored properly, will pour cloudy like any unfiltered beer. If you store it upright, the sediment settles at the bottom, and will stay there. Store it upside-down so you don't lose any of the flavor or texture of the sur lees style of this beer.

To give this beer a subtle lemon flavor, lemon grass was added in the last stage of brewing. Lemon compliments this ale perfectly. It made it an especially refreshing beer. I am looking forward to sucking down a six pack or two this summer while doing yard work. It's going to be a great summer.

As mentioned above, I'll be drinking this again. It earns a very high4 out of 5 BB & B's. The only reason it doesn't get a 5, is that it may be a little too carbonated. Don't let that stop you from trying it though.

Ranking out of 5 BB&B's.






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