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Big Beef Beer Review Update!!
By Greg


 Since I last wrote about Boddingtons Pub Ale, I discovered that the warm beer thing and the English is just a ruse to promote ethno-centricity, and give us another reason to think the English are weird (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Barry, the webmaster for Boddingtons, set me right:

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the review - really good reading. We Brits do NOT drink our beer warm. We hate warm beer just the same as everybody else in the world (that I know of). I think this rumour was put about by somebody who caught an idle publican on a bad day!

If I tell you that Strangeways is also home to one of England's most notorious jails would that pull "Strangeways Here We Come" into focus better?

Keep enjoying the Boddies (Cold!)

Webmaster for Boddingtons Brewery

It is a small world after all. Thanks to Barry for clearing that up for me. Don't ever be bamboozled by urban legends. Just because a friend knows a friend of a friend of some guy in England who knows another guy who drinks his beer warm, doesn't mean its true. Go visit the Boddington site, and tell him you saw it here!!

Ranking:  out of 5 BB&B's.

Price: I paid $6.21 US for 4 English pints (16.9 oz.)

Availability:  Its imported by Labatt's, so you should be able to get it at finer liquor stores