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Money Saving Tip: Prepay In Advance

Go back to the futre and pay, I think.

Go back to the future and pay, I think.

I’ve been trying to figure this one out for some time.  Whenever I go to the gas station and fill up my automobile, I try to figure out how I can do this.   I’m a simple man with a simple mind, but I cannot find a way to prepay in advance.

It would be arrogant of me to think that this is redundant, right?  They ask so politely, “Please prepay in advance.”  Certainly I should be able to do so.

After struggling with this for a while, I sought help from someone smarter than me -  a teenager.  The wise teenager said to me that it was possible to prepay in advance.  To do so though would require that I pay after I pump my gas.

Here’s how it works for you first timers who have never pre-paid in advance:

  1. Catch up.  You’ve never pre-paid in advance before so you have to prepay the for your current fill-up.  You can usually do so with a credit or debit card at the pump, or you can pay the cashier inside.
  2. Now that you’re caught up, get the gas you just paid for.
  3. After filling up, go back inside and give the cashier the exact amount of money needed for your next fill-up.
  4. Congratulate yourself.  You have just pre-paid in advance!

The way I see it, your buying gas at today’s prices.  If you pre-pay far enough in advance, you could really save a lot of money during the peak travel season when gas prices spike. When you do this, please let me know how it goes.   I just did the normal pre-pay today and did not take advantage of pre-paying in advance.  It will be at least a week before I have that opportunity.

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