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Music Review
By Swank

Madonna: Still hot!
Madonna: Still hot!

Background: A baseball diamond and a playground. Foreground: Four boys playing/arguing/whatever we did at the age of nine.
Setting: Summer day, just before dinnertime.
Swank: Reggie you really buggered up my bat. You hit like a sissy.
Reggie: Yeah, well….
Greg: Boy, I cracked that one in the third?
Tim: Just like Willie Stargell or Babe Ruth. Oh yeah.
Greg: Geez. Reg…. Who taught you to hit?
Reggie: Uhmmm….
Swank: Probably your dog, he's a cool dog though.
Everybody: Sure is…
Swank: Hey did you guys hear that new Madonna song?
Everybody: ……..Silence……..
Swank: Really, it is good…….
Everybody: ……..Silence…….
Reggie: AAUUUUUGGGGHHHH. Did you buy a Madonna album? (The group waits in anticipation for the answer).
Swank: NO, No way man. I just heard it on the radio.
Tim: Hey fella's, let's promise that we will never buy a Madonna album. Not ever.
Everybody: Yeah, I 'm in….. yuck, never….who would want to do that?
Swank: (Defensively) I thought it was about baseball, it was called - 'this used to be my playground'
Reggie: That's cool then. I can't wait to hear it.

I am bringing you this review without breaking this lifelong promise, a promise made in the dust and dirt of the local ballpark and sealed with blood from elbows and knees after a Pete Rose slide into third. It is as sacred and serious as a 'Double Dog Dare". The album is the new Madonna album called Music. Madonna and a couple of other people under the Maverick/Warner Bros. Record label produced the cd in 2000. Music is definitely not your mainstream Madonna album of old or of recent times.

Madonna produces a mix of songs. The music swings from techno-dance style to acoustic, to pop, to …well , I cannot really describe it. The albums start out with techno-dance music. The mixes and beats are good and danceable (especially Music, the first track). The techno style music, along with the synthesized voice and music, uses a technique that might at first make you think that your cd player is skipping. Don't worry this is a produced effect and it actually is pulled off fairly well.

The techno music is replaced by a couple of acoustic songs and some songs that might be called Pop. These songs are all very good and could very well be singles by there own right. The acoustic songs have some good guitar riffs and awesome vocals by Madonna.

After this the album just goes down hill. Track eight is 'What it feels like for a girl', and, although I guess the video might have turned some heads, the song alone surely does not. The last two songs are really not worth mentioning.

Overall, this is a good quality album. There is a good mix of music and Madonna allows some connection with her Pop past. And there is nothing wrong with that. If I could buy it I might. Check it out at CdNow: you can listen to a couple of tracks and buy it at a pretty good price - $13.28 (List 18.97) In keeping with my promise I did not pay anything for it because I borrowed it from a friend. (Thanks Ty).

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