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Big Beef Music Review
By Greg


     This week, I chose to do a retro-review. Tim and I may do these occasionally. We'll try to find compilations that should make good additions to your music collection.
     One of my favorite bands in the early 80's was the Clash. Like most 80s bands, they dissolved.  Mick Jones, former lead guitarist of the Clash, moved on to form Big Audio Dynamite or B.A.D. for short. B.A.D. became a hybrid of the current mid to late 80's sound and many emerging styles of the time. The following is from the liner notes on the CD Super Hits:

Mick Jones went to extremes, mixing guitar based rock with hip hop's manipulation of sound bites, electronic effects and electrobeats. The groundbreaking B.A.D. made liberal use of sampling and paved the way for many bands that followed.

Essentially, they combined elements of Rock, Reggae, House and Hip Hop, to create a style all their own. There are flavors of the Clash in the playfulness of the music. The sampling also suits these playful roots.  It is this playfulness that appeals to me most. You will not find yourself depressed after popping it into your CD player.
     I first heard of B.A.D. in the late 80's and early 90's when I was into the progressive dance scene. I was instantly enamored to the danceable songs The Globe and Rush. They are both clever fun mixes of all the style mentioned in the liner notes. These two songs alone would merit a ranking of 3 for this album. However, they've proved their timelessness, and consequently Super Hits by B.A.D. deserves better than that.
     I cannot give this album 5 BB&B's either. Although I enjoy it quite a bit, and will listen to it whenever I need a pick up, it still has some cheesy elements. But that's OK. I like some of that occasionally. Super Hits will make a good edition to your collection. Click on Super Hits to here some of the songs from this album.

Artist: Big Audio Dynamite

Album: Super Hits

Ranking:   out of 5 BB&B's.




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