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In June 1999 two friends, Reggie and Swank, convened at the Spy Bar in the warehouse district of Cleveland, Ohio.   They were reminiscing about their past, and complaining about their present.  It seemed that neither one of them much liked working for the man.  They agreed that the most fun they ever had (while working anyway) was the time they worked together at Chi-Chi’s.   Swank and Reggie worked the line together.   Reggie also tended bar, waited tables, and occasionally spun the tunes or karaoke for the crowd.  Swank would often assist.  These were the best of times.  At that moment (in a dharmic sort of way) they decided they should open a restaurant dedicated to their favorite things: Big Beef and Beer.

Naturally, the first step in opening any restaurant is creating a website with music and beer reviews.  After all, this was 1999.  VC money was flying everywhere.  The internet bubble could only get bigger, right?  Create a site, get VC money, and open restaraunt.  It was a fool proof plan.

Fast forward to the year 2000.   Big Beef and Beer dot com was really taking off.   Any day now we’d find our angel, and get the funding we needed.   It wasn’t more than 10 minutes after Reggie put $1000 into an internet fund, that  the bubble burst.  Broke and discouraged, Swank and Reggie returned to working for the man.  The dream hasn’t died.  Big Beef and Beer (and the Techno Barn – another story) will be real someday.  In the meantime, we keep doing our other favorite things: drinking beer, eating beef, and listening to great music.  Occasionally, we write about thse things and post our thoughts here.

- Reggie & Swank

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