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Carib Shandy
Fraoch Heather Ale
Lake Effect Winter Ale
Murphy's Irish Stout
Negra Modelo
Rauchenfelser Steinbrau
A Winter's Ale
Abita Christmas Ale
Bishop's Finger
Blue Moon Belgian White
Boddingtons Pub Ale
Crooked River Yuletide Ale
Delerium Tremens
Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Hard Core Cider
Hocks Cider
Hornsby's Cider
Mai Bock
Michelob Amber Bock
Oasis Blueberry Ale
Old Peculier
Red Hook Double Black Stout
Sam Adams Spring Ale
Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale
Sierra-Nevada Stout
Three Floyds X-Tra Pale
TommyKnocker JackWhacker
Wexford's Irish Cream Ale
Woodchuck Cider
Anchor Holiday Ale
Bodean's Twisted Tea
J. W. Dundee's Honey Brown Light
John Courage Amber
Leinenkugel's Red
Maclay 80 Shilling Export Ale
Caffrey's Irish Ale
Michael Shea's Irish Amber
Mikes Hard Lemonade
Niagara Spray Lager
Red Hook Winterhook Ale
Snowball's Chance
St. Sebastiaan Golden
Three Stooges Beer
Bell's Porter
Cider Jack - Raspberry Cider
Goose Island Christmas Ale
Okocim Zagtoba
Old Scratch
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Spaten Optimator
Crooked River Pumpkin Ale




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