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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

Check out the new look of our site. We need your feedback: # Nice. Makes me hoppy! — Drinking a Two Hearted Ale by @BellsBrewery @ Cap City Fine Diner — # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

So You Love Justin Bieber Now…

So You Love Justin Bieber Now…

But will you love him in the future? For reasons not worth explaining, I searched Google for pictures of Ron Howard’s brother Clint Howard and found this image. Instead of the creepy, geeky looking dude we all know today, I was struck by how much he once looked like Justin Bieber . Even their hair [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

I just earned the 'Journeyman' badge on @untappd! # I just earned the 'Founder's Hangouts' badge on @untappd! # Nice ESB. — Drinking a Scarlet Lady Ale by @StoudtsBrewery at @RattleNHumBar — # Nice ESB. — Drinking a Scarlet Lady Ale by @StoudtsBrewery at [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

I just earned the 'Happy Brew Year (2012)' badge on @untappd! #newyear # Littler sweet for a winter ale. — Drinking a Winter Warmer Ale by Elevator Brewing Company — # A decent mild IPA especially for the uninitiated. — Drinking an IPA by @stonebrewingco @ Buffalo Wild Wings — [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

Very nice, extra hoppy! — Drinking a West Coast IPA by @greenflashbeer — # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

Drinking a Samuel Adams Winter Lager by Boston Beer Company @ Buffalo Wild Wings — # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-27

Should be called nickel-bag. It takes that much to make them tolerable. # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

Drinking a Light Lager by @Yuengling_Beer — # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

@chrisjohnson28 you suck. You should ask people to pray your nightmare ends soon. # An OK Octoberfest. — Drinking a Samuel Adams Octoberfest @ Ruby Tuesday — # Wow! This is awesome! I am very pleasantly surprised. — # Yum, yum, yum — Drinking a Torpedo Extra IPA @ Ruby Tuesday — [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

Rich in pumpkin spices. Pumpkin pie on a glass! — # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

Yummy — Drinking an IPA by @stonebrewingco @ Marriott Spring Hill Suites — # First time. Ok — Drinking a Fat Tire @ Napoleon's Dueling Pianos — # Drinking an IPA by Ellis Island Casino and Brewery at @elliscasinolv — # The IPA sucked. Sorry I lied earlier. This only [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

Pumpkin Ales never fail. A truly unfiltered pumpkin ale – full bodied goodness. — # Good beer, smart people. #IBMSCGS — # Drinking an IPA by Mission Brewery @ Edgewater Grill — # Bartender recommended this. Tastes like an ashtray — # A Christmas beer [Continue]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

Pretty decent pumpkin beer. Strong flavors might overwhelm the average beer drinker, but I like it. — # I just earned the 'Beer Connoisseur' badge on @untappd! # A decent beer that comes in a 21oz bottle! — # Powered by Twitter Tools [Continue]

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