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Beer Review: Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Noble Pils - Photo by Greg

Samuel Adams Noble Pils is the Spring beer for the Boston Beer Company for 2010, replacing their White Ale.  Boston Beer boasts that this beer is brewed in the Bohemian tradition using the finest Noble Hops from the Bavarian and Czech regions.  While that may be true, it still has a distinctly Samuel Adams taste.

I don’t want to get into a hops discussion.  I’m not qualified to debate if there are four or five Noble Hops.  I can’t tell you how they affect the taste of this beer exactly.  I do know they dominate the taste, and they taste pretty damn good.

What should be debated is whether this beer is worth $15 USD a six pack.  Frankly, I don’t think so.  It is a really good beer.   It is a perfect pilsner perhaps (nice alliteration).  However, for the money it should rock my world.

Noble Pils is really good.  If you can afford it, let one of your beer ignorant friends try it, and you may soon be leading them down the path of craft beer addiction.  But this is still just a pilsner.  It does not distinguish itself from most beers you can find on tap at any bar except it has a familiar Sam Adams taste.

According to various press releases found online and the Boston Brewing  site, users chose this beer over an IPA for the spring seasonal.  I believe that the average American beer drinker would chose this over any IPA (no matter how good).  Beer is a developed taste.  Noble Pils fits comfortably in any beer drinkers palate.  It is not $15 USD good though.  For a special occasion I would only spend that kind of money (or more) on something really special – unless I was playing it safe.

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