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Beer Review: Ghosts of Christmas Beers Past

Beer Review:  Ghosts of Christmas Beers Past

I stopped by my local beer temple to pick up my favorite Christmas brew, Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Its been nearly ten years since I first tickled my tastebuds with this ale, and it is by far my favorite Christmas brew (I’ve consumed two since I've been home). There have been several Christmas beers in the last ten years, both good and bad, [Continue]

Beer Review: Goose Island Harvest Ale

Beer Review:  Goose Island Harvest Ale

Whenever I travel, I like to sample the local brews. In Chicago, it seems that the predominant local beer is brewed by Goose Island brewery. I reviewed their Christmas Ale a few years ago, and since then I haven't been pining for other Goose Island brews. In Chicago though, there is no avoiding it. So with an open mind, I downed some Goose [Continue]

Ditka’s Chicago

Ditka’s Chicago

Coach Ditka sat at the table next to our booth. He was immediately mobbed by fans. He was completely gracious. He signed autographs, and posed for pictures for all who asked. I was sorry we did not have our camera. The staff kept people away from the Coach while he ate, but he allowed visitors between courses. I was really impressed. I [Continue]