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Beer Review: Ghosts of Christmas Beers Past

Christmas Beers for my favorite time of the beer!

Christmas Beers for my favorite time of the beer!

I stopped by my local beer temple to pick up my favorite Christmas brew, Great Lakes Christmas Ale.  Its been nearly ten years since I first tickled my tastebuds with this ale, and it is by far my favorite Christmas brew (I’ve consumed two since I’ve been home).  There have been several Christmas beers in the last ten years, both good and bad, and I thought you would enjoy reading about some of the more interesting selections:

  • Great Lakes Christmas Ale:  Still my favorite after all these years.  I pick up at least a six pack every year.  You should too if you really like beer.
  • Abita Christmas Ale:  A very good Christmas Ale that will appeal to even the most limited beer palate.  Safe for your friends who think Bud Light is a really good beer.
  • Anchor Holiday Ale:  A rich Christmas Ale. It’s so rich you won’t be able to drink more than one.
  • Crooked River Yuletide Ale:  This was the beer that changed my palate.  Read the review you’ll understand.  It’s been a long time since then.  Unfortunately, this tasty brew is no longer available.
  • Goose Island Christmas Ale:  Liquid smoke in a bottle.  If you like that, you’ll enjoy this beer.  I didn’t.  It took me a long time before I was willing to try another  Goose Island beer.

While I was at the beer temple, I also picked up some Bell’s Christmas Ale.  I’ll let you know how that is after I finish the GLCA.  If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, it would be in couple of hours.  I’ll have to stop at three ;) .

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