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Beer Review: Breakfast Stout Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Founders Breakfast Stout

Beer: THE Breakfast of Champions

If you’re looking from a break in your routine and you’re tired of coffee with breakfast, have we got a beer for you! Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout is the breakfast of champions.  This is a full bodied beer made with all of your favorite breakfast ingredients including oatmeal, coffee and chocolate.

If I served Breakfast Stout in a coffee cup, you might believe I was serving you a large espresso.  Breakfast Stout looks like coffee and has a thin cinnamon colored head that looks like the foam that mimics the aforementioned  espresso.  “Looks like coffee” might be an understatement.  This beer is black.  In a tall glass held up to the light none passed.  It was completely opaque.

Breakfast Stout has a smooth, velvety texture like a cross between a cup of coffee and a cup of hot cocoa.  I really enjoyed letting it roll over my tongue and coat my palate.  It is not thick or heavy.  It has the viscosity of water but it has a comfortable feeling that is hard to describe.

Although Breakfast Stout feels like coffee and cocoa, the java flavors are subtle.  The chocolate defines its bouquet making this beer a delightful experience.  Don’t plan on making this beer your every day brew, and it probably shouldn’t be your party beer either.  Like most stouts this beer is filling, however it won’t weigh you down.  Still, drinking more than one in a sitting is challenging.  I suggest you serve this for desert after a fine meal just as you would a cup of coffee.  Enjoy it; savor it; share it with a friend and some good conversation.

There is only one bit of bad news about this beer.  It is only available September through December.  I’m not quite sure why it is a seasonal beer.  Its the only thing disappointing about Breakfast Stout.

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